Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A New Resolution

As 2010 is coming to a close, I find myself thinking over the past year and looking forward to the new year ahead. I'm making some new life goals for myself. Today, I am going to reveal shocking goal number one!

I am going to revolutionize my papercrafting into a less-is-more philosophy. My stamping will be clean and simple, and the only way I can achieve this goal is to make my studio clean and simple as well.

What does this mean? Well, for starters, I am going to pare down my craft possessions. I am going to take items from here...

and from here...

and from here...

and I will store them only in here...

It's not a big space inside, but there are plenty of shelves and cubbies to house the bare essentials of stamping.

As you can tell from all of the mess and clutter, I will have my work cut out for me! The truth is, I am so fed up at this point that I have decided to either pare down or chuck it all together. I just cannot create surrounded by all of this clutter. Sometimes, when you limit yourself to a few supplies, it forces you to be more creative. That's my plan!

I also want to reclaim my desk for my writing alone. No inkpads, no makers, no stacks of paper...just my laptop.

Frankly, I look at all of the money I've spent on this craft in the last decade, and it upsets me. When I see crafters who have invested thousands of dollars into die cutting systems and dies and every new gadget under the sun, I have to wonder how much happiness it's really bringing them. Is there ever just enough stuff? I hope to find out.

I won't toss it all away...yet. I'm going to be boxing and storing a LOT of the items for a while. Who knows? I may decide I can live without it. I may even abandon stamping all together and go back to buying cards. Right now, I'm excited about reclaiming another space in my house and bringing a little calm and serenity to the chaos. Wish me luck!

If you have ever pared your stash, please leave me a note and tell me how you made it happen!


  1. What- NO mention of training for a 5K? love-Tina

  2. I totally agree with everything you said in this post. Less is more. I "dejunked" my house this past summer and it felt very freeing. (Is that a word?) I boxed up a ton of stuff and put it in storage. I haven't missed a thing - and I love the order in my house!


  3. I did a major purge a year ago, and gave away a very costly amount of stuff, stamps I no longer liked or used, patterned paper I didn't like, old equipment. I tried not to beat myself up about the cost of all this stuff, and it felt great to clear up the space. But once again, the space is overflowing, and it stifles my creativity. I unmounted many SU! sets, and really enjoyed being able to get 40 sets in one drawer instead of all the space it was taking up. I've done this with other hobbies, cross stitch, knitting and painting, and it's all packed away, waiting for my next change of hobbies. I think the changing keeps the creative mojo flowing. Good luck with your reorganzing!

  4. Dang! Are you hoarding all the stamps! (ha-ha) Let's compare work stations! I posted on my blog and saw made me laugh. We are sisters and yet a bit of chaos actually helps me create. I just might have to include it in an upcoming post. Love you.

  5. Just visited your blog for the first time and I am inspired by you organisation. I have too much stuff and I WILL be paring it right down in the new year. I will be downsizing in our house and won't have a craft room any more, I have so much unused stuff that it'll all have to go.

    Thanks for the inspiration!