Tuesday, December 21, 2010

To Do Lists

Last week, I was doing some housecleaning when I came upon this list. Sam had made his very own "to do" list. He sounded out the words, spelled them accordingly, and numbered the list from one to four. Here is what it said (spelling corrected!):

"Wednesday's To Do List,

(1) Mom comes to lunch
(2) I build with Legos at recess
(3) Come home from school
(4) Build a huge Lego city


I compared it with my own "to do" list, and I have to say that Sam's list looks like a lot more fun!
Sam takes after me in so many ways. We make lists to give ourselves the sense of being organized. But in truth, we're messy, dramatic, creative people. We'd rather have lunch together and play with toys than clean our rooms and make our beds. But Moms don't have the luxury of whiling away the afternoon building Legos. We have to do the laundry and shopping and make Christmas magically happen for the family. It can wear me out just looking at my "to do" list!

With so many things to do before we leave for our holiday in Michigan, I had to wonder...where does a girl start? As a good rule of thumb, I think that every job should begin with coffee.

{recipe: Espress Yourself (SU), sentiment from Stamps N More, black/real red/ white card stock, Basic Grey Dasher paper, scallop edge punch, folk heart punch, amuse heart twinkle, prisma marker}

Time to go get a cup of my Vitamin C (coffee!) and get started!


  1. I love this saying and often resemble this remark! Can't wait to see you all. Love-Tina

  2. Thanks for a giggle during a hectic holiday season!