Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's In Your Closet?

I did a little spring cleaning in my closet this week.

First, I removed clothing that I was no longer wearing. I like to do a major clothing purge every new season. It's not that I'm being wasteful with my clothing budget, I'm just being realistic. If that purple jacket with the velvet collar has been in my closet for more than three years without being worn, then it's time to say goodbye. Likewise, the worn t-shirts and once white/now yellowed blouses just have to go. Those uncomfortable black slingback pumps that haven't been worn for years? Gone! My closet is not that large, and every square inch is valuable real estate. If a new item comes in, then three old items should go out. I like to bless it forward, give it to consignment or charity, and move on.

Next, I take all of the clothing that I'm keeping from the past fall and winter seasons, and I put it in the back of the closet for next year.

After that, I pull out the clothing for the new seasons, and I sort it by style and color. This is my favorite part! I went to a seminar on wardrobe planning once, and the planner said that it is crucial to be able to group your like colored clothing together so that you can find what you need when you need it. I just love the rainbow that I see when I walk into my closet.

I learned something about myself in the closet this week. My wardrobe speaks for itself. And here's what it says about me:

1.) I like color!

2.) I'm not afraid of polka dots and patterns.

3.) I love denim in all it's forms. I have dressy denim, casual denim, everyday denim, denim vests, denim jackets, and of course, denim skirts and jeans.

4.) I love flowers!

5.) I love flowers muchly! I also love all things cotton.

Interior designers will tell you that your closet can be a big inspiration for the colors and styles you will be comfortable with in your home. I'm not sure that my house is quite as colorful as my closet. Hmmm, maybe the next house!

Today's card creation was inspired by my closet.

Here's what my card says about my wardrobe:

1.) Have fun with patterns. Polka dots, plaids, and florals, oh my! (Papers from Cosmo Cricket's Early Bird collection)

2.) You can't go wrong with a nice denim. (Baja Breeze card stock)

3.) A little ruffle and lace is fun and feminine. ( doily made from scallop oval punch)

4.) A bright pop of color can cheer up even the gloomiest day. ( stamps from Amuse, colored with Prisma markers)

5.) Sometimes, a little black can ground everything and pull all the patterns and colors together. (black gingham ribbon, SU)

6.) Only wear jewelry that you love! Make sure it says something about you! (red brads)

So tell me, what's in your closet?


  1. Fun and funky Card! Its sure to brighten someones day. (I reserve the right to remain silent about my closet.)

  2. Fun post...That card is screaming "Jenny"! We are definitely sisters...but, you beat me to the closet clean-out. Don't forget Old Maid New when you're sifting through your know I love old denim and t-shirts...right? Maybe there will be a little thank-you gift involved with the passing forward! Love xoxo.