Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Inspired by Art

Last Friday, my seven year old son, Samuel, walked into the kitchen and asked me a question.

"Mom, have you ever heard of Pierre Auguste Renoir?"

Sam never ceases to amaze me. His pronunciation of this famed French impressionist's name was perfect! He actually said " Pee-err Ah-goost Re-nwah". As a francophone, it truly warmed my heart!

As it turned out, we happened to be visiting family in a city with a world class art museum. I decided to take Sam to see an actual Renoir in person. So we hopped on the Metro to the Louvre and then...

Just kidding! We were not in Paris. We were visiting our family in Michigan! But the Toledo Museum of Art is just a short drive away. And in front of the museum, this "Metro station" is actually an illusion of the famous Parisian subway.

If you ever get a chance to visit this museum, you will not be disappointed! I have had the honor of visiting museums around the world...Paris, London, Chicago, Montreal, St. Louis, Indianapolis, and many more. The Toledo Museum of Art has a special place in my heart. I love the Impressionist galleries, with Monet's Water Lilies, Van Gogh's wheat fields, Degas' dancers, and of course, Renoir.

Sam was most impressed! Now he has something to tell his elementary art teacher when he returns to school in the fall! This is what educators call a "teachable moment". I'm so glad that we had the opportunity to show Sam his Pierre Auguste Renoir that day! (Special thanks to my sister, Jenny, and her boys, Joey and James, for making it happen!)

The entrance to the museum has this wonderful red sculpture outside. That's my son, John, to the left, and Sam in the background.

I made a card today that was inspired by this bold red statement!

{recipe: Timeless Treasures (SU), Frames with a Flourish (SU), Shape of Things (SU), white card stock, riding hood red ink, black ink, Dymo label maker}

This Clean and Simple card is also a one layer wonder!

Hope your day is "fantastique!"

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  1. This was such a fun day! I was just saying it was my favorite part of your trip home. The fact that it was free (except for the retro candy) had nothing to do with it. It was great, educational, summertime fun. Love you. Tell everyone I said hi:)