Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shirley Ann's Garden

I had a great time visiting Shirley Ann's garden last weekend. She always has such flair when it comes to designing her gardens! From the potting sheds to the garden statues, everything is just perfectly placed and surrounded by lovely flowers.

I always leave Shirley Ann's garden filled with inspiration. Mostly, I'm inspired to go home, do some weeding and pruning, and wish that I had a bigger budget for more flowers! ha ha

In March, I posted a card that was inspired by Beatrix Potter. Remember when I mentioned Shirley Ann's life-size Peter Rabbit? Well, here he is, having a good time with Sam.

Is it my imagination, or does that bunny have two sets of bunny ears?

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  1. I just had to comment on this post - I love Shirley Ann's garden. It looks like a place one would love to come visit! Love the bee hive on the porch arrow!