Thursday, June 2, 2011

Signs of Summer

Yes, I know that it is not officially summer yet. But when the calendar flips to the month of June and the temps are near ninety, then the mind naturally travels to the season ahead.

Nothing says summer for me like a tennis racket and a hot, sunny day. A sweating water bottle, the fumy smell of a new can of tennis balls, and heat radiating from the baseline.

I've enjoyed introducing my sons to this simple sport. This week, Sam is beginning his tennis camp, and he's showing a lot of promise. He keeps his racket level, he doesn't swing at the tennis ball as if he's going for the home run, and he's managing to get them over the net without faulting.

That is a boy in need of a serious summer haircut! ha ha!

Watching him play this week has got me anxious to grab my racket and hit a few balls myself. Time to get all my boys motivated.

Sam's school system offers free sports camps throughout the summer. Isn't that wonderful? I signed him up for basketball camp, tennis camp, soccer camp, track camp, softball camp, and bowling camp. He's been having a great time learning these new sports, and it gives him something to look forward to every day.

This is my secret weapon to combat the "I'm Bored Blues". For the last few weeks, I've been scouring the local newspapers and websites for activities in June, July and August. Then, I fill my calendar with all of the free and cheap programs at the area parks and attractions. Free days at the zoo and museums. Campfire programs for kids at the parks. Free concerts. Free sports camps. Vacation Bible School.

I'm a big fan of "free" entertainment! With two sons in college this fall, I'm embracing free in a big way! With a little planning, families can have fun together for next to nothing. For example, the "Kids Bowl Free" program is nationwide. You can check out their website for a location near you.

Today is the first official day of summer break. Before tennis camp begins, Sam and I will head over to the local library to sign up for the summer reading program. No summer brain drain here!

Tell me, what's your favorite free activity to do in the summer?

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