Monday, September 5, 2011

Laying Down My Idols

Has God ever called you to lay down an idol? Maybe it was something that took up too much prominence in your life. Perhaps it was an addiction, or something as seemingly benign as a hobby. Whatever it was, it took up too much mental clutter in your life and gave you, in essence, a divided heart.

God has been strongly calling me to lay down an idol. He planted this seed more than nine months ago. This week, God showed me that if I didn't merely toy with the idea but gave it all up for Him, He would bless this sacrifice in ways that I cannot yet imagine.

I am laying down my idols today. I am giving up paper crafting.

Twelve years of paper crafting, to be precise.

Shocking, I know. And here's the kicker. He doesn't just want me to give it up. He wants me to write about giving it up, too. I know, too well, that there are people out there just like me. People who have been craft hoarding for years. People who are buried under mountains of impulsive purchases. People who feel burdened by the weight of their craft or hobby who don't know how to let go of the burden and just live free.

That is what I will be doing here at the cafe. I will be showing how God is working in me and through me during this purging process. I want to document my progress so that you, too, can lay down the idols in your life. Maybe it isn't paper crafting at all. Maybe your idol is computer surfing, or television, or scrapbooking, or some hobby that has taken up way too much prominence in your home.

I want my home to be a place of peace and comfort. I want my work to reflect my love of God and what he has done for me. I know that it won't be easy. But that's okay. I know that with God all things are possible, not easy.

I have a lovely new piece of artwork in my home to serve as an inspiration. Here it is:

Need a close up? Here is what the painting says:

That is a promise for me and for you.



  1. I love reading your post! Veda

  2. May you find the strength to endure your withdrawl x