Monday, September 19, 2011

A New Wreath, A New Door, A New Perspective

Autumn is in the air...can you feel it?

I wanted to give my front door an autumn makeover, so I went out looking for a wreath this weekend. Logan's Antique Mall had plenty of options to choose from, and so many lovely things to feast the eyes upon as well!

I finally found a wreath that was not too big and not too fancy.

It has a nice, natural quality with its wispy tree branches and bittersweet.

I found this price tag attached to the wreath, and it stopped me in my tracks! No, not because of the price (this was the cheapest wreath in the store, so I was most pleased!). It was the simplicity of the stamped image and the overall design.

I will admit it. I am enamored with this little tag. Roughly stamped and tea stained, I felt as if this tag was cuter than anything I've stamped in ages. No designer paper. No fancy ribbon. No buttons or brads or bows. One layer, not one hundred layers. Just two letters and a couple of birds hanging out on a branch together. A tag that serves a purpose.

Sometimes, I have a tendency to complicate my life with clutter, and then I need to take a step back and discard some of the layers to reveal some simple truths. Needs versus wants. Health versus happiness. Stuff versus serenity. Priorities, plain and simple.

I'm going to keep this little tag as a reminder to keep it simple.

"He is before all things, and in him all things hold together." Colossians 1:17

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  1. Mary, I'm doing the same thing right now. Cutting things out, simplifying, uncluttering. You name it. It's necessary and it feels right. Very cute wreath. Like the tag too. x