Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Primitive Pumpkins

Did you think I was going to stop being crafty just because I've stopped making cards?

Au contraire, mes amis!

I'm just channeling my craftiness into new venues!

This week, I am making a felted wool table runner from Primitive Gatherings.

For the record, I am not a quilter. And when it comes to my sewing abilities, well, let's just say that I will never win a straight seam contest anytime in the near future. But thanks to twelve years of paper crafting, I have become a darn good cutter. And with Heat 'n Bond, all things are possible!

This project is not done just yet. I still have to do the stitching, attach a piece of homespun to the back, and blanket stitch all around. Piece of cake!

I bought the kit for this project last fall, when my mom and sister, Tina, were in town. We had great aspirations to knock this project out one night during their visit. But I think we got distracted by movies on the Hallmark channel and put this project off for another day.

This runner will look so cute on my kitchen table. I think I will put my milk glass Longaberger pumpkin dish and candle in the middle. Time to put on my cheater glasses, see what's on the Hallmark channel, and sit down for a night of stitching.


  1. It looks adorable...as is! You've got me wanting to decorate for Fall...but I will wait for these last precious days of Summer to pass. Not too quickly I hope! Lots of Love to All.

  2. Very cute Mary Rose.

    Jenny, tomorrow is it -the last day of summer :-(