Monday, September 26, 2011

Sweater Day

After a few days of steady rain, we are finally seeing some blue skies and sunshine. Sunny and breezy. The perfect weather for drying the winter woolens!

Last week, I was shopping at TJ Maxx with no real purpose in mind. I thought I'd browse through the shoe aisle (you can get some great deals on good shoes there) and then check out the clothing.

After browsing through racks of trendy items and the latest "must have" fashion statements, I decided to go home empty handed and go shopping in my closet instead.

I started by washing a few dresses that had not been worn since last year. I've noticed in the catalogs that dresses are making a big comeback. I figure if they are clean, I'm more likely to grab them. Pair it with a jean jacket and some boots for a funky look, and I've spent nothing. Yea!

Then I moved on to my sweaters. I did a load of gentle wash sweaters and put them in the sun to dry. They are now ready to be worn for the chillier days of autumn.

Today, I washed my "hand wash" sweaters in the big soaking tub in my bathroom. My soaking tub gets more use as a washing machine than it does as a spa tub. (Does anyone use those super huge tubs? If so, do they clean them? Such a pain!)

I have to say, I love my woolen sweaters from LL Bean! I have had these two turtlenecks and two cardigans for over five years now, and they still look as good as the day I bought them. There are some companies that make really nice quality clothing. I also love the organic Oeko-Tex knits from Hanna Andersson. Sometimes you pay a little more for good quality, but over time, you realize that you don't have to replace the items as often. When you buy classics over trendy, you can wear them season after season, too.

I've moved the summer items to the back of my closet, and pulled the fall and winter to the front. One closet, one wardrobe...simplicity at its finest!

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