Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sweetest Day With My Sweetest

My husband is Mr. Adventure. Yesterday, he suggested that we take the boys on a canoeing trip on the White River. Sure! It was a beautiful autumn day, and I was certain that the view from the river would be spectacular.

I was right! The views were amazing, and I was surprised that we were the only canoers on the water that day.

Sam stayed in the canoe with me and Dad. He shared in some of the paddling duties, too.

It wasn't the easiest river we've ever navigated. There were shallow spots, large rocks, and fallen trees to get around. But it was definitely worth the effort!

We saw lots of turtles sunning themselves on the rocks. It won't be long before these fellows will have to find a place to keep warm for their long winter's nap.

We paddled under quite a few bridges. This covered bridge is called Potter's Bridge. In our family, we refer to it as "The Scene of The Crime" because it was where my husband has his unfortunate biking accident last fall.

We saw quite a few heron along the river, too. I love to watch them fly. They look like giant pterodactyls in the sky!

Canoe Number One and Canoe Number Two had a little competition along the way. Who could navigate the tricky bend, who could avoid getting stuck on the sand bar, who was in the lead. So many laughs! I enjoyed watching my older sons paddle. They were younger than Sam when we first began our family outdoor adventures, and now they are having adventures on their own. Such good memories!

Sam enjoyed seeing the sights, but I think he really wanted to be in my seat at the front. The truth is, I really love to paddle, so it's hard for me to give up that oar!

We cross this river in our cars every day and never give it another thought. I'm glad that Mr. Adventure gave us an opportunity to appreciate it up close.

It was a great day to spend with the sweetest men in my life.

The boys are heading back to college for their own adventures. I'm so blessed that we've had this time together to laugh and make memories as a family.

Blessings on your Sunday!


  1. What a lovely post Mary Rose- my DH loves to canoe too but we haven't had them out in a long time...maybe we should!

  2. Where's the picture of Ed getting an oar-full of water sent his way? I guess that'd be a bit too cold and way to mean on the Sweetest of Days! Love you all.

  3. lucky!! I tried to take my husband on a canoe trip for our anniversary, unfortunately it got cancelled because of all the rain we have had. Trees were down and the travelling would be too hard for a group with inexperienced canoers involved. That was a lovely adventure and great photos.