Thursday, October 20, 2011

Too Soon?

So tell me...where do you stand on the "Christmas" debate? Are you a purist who does not even decorate for Christmas until the Advent season? Or do you rush headlong into the Christmas season before the frost on the pumpkin?

I heard on the radio yesterday that Nordstrom's Department Stores have decided that they will not decorate their stores for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. What's that sound? I think it's the sound of all of you Christmas purists clapping!

When I heard this news, my first thought was for the folks who work at those department stores. See, I come from a retail background, my husband works in retail management, and I have a little more sympathy for the visual display merchants who will have to scramble the day after Thanksgiving to make Christmas magically appear. (I wouldn't be surprised if they're required to work on the night of Thanksgiving to get it all ready before Black Friday!) There's a good reason why many stores get their trees and displays up before takes a lot of time and effort!

I am not a Christmas purist,as you may have guessed. I don't decorate my home for the holy day until after Thanksgiving, but I do begin listening to Christmas music early and I burn those Christmas scented candles early, too. I just love the smells and sounds of the season. And the truth is, I own so many Christmas CDs that I have to start listening to them now just to get them all in!

I made a Christmas card today. And I listened to Christmas music while I did it, just to put me in the mood!

I bought some really awesome Hero Arts stamps from Archivers when my mom was in town. Now normally, I go to Archivers, become overwhelmed, and leave with nothing but Glue Dots. But when I shop with Mom, I tend to go hog wild! I spent a small fortune there that last trip. What can I say? Mom's an enabler!

This stamp set had me shouting "Sold!" the instant I saw it. Hello! Birch trees! And cardinals! Two of my favorite things together!

The first card is stamped directly onto PTI's Rustic White cardstock, with a little red magic from a Prisma marker and an Amuse twinkle. Look, Mom! No layers!

The second card has the image mounted on a piece of Poppy card stock. Tell me, which one do you like better?

In past years, I've made very few Christmas cards. But this year, for some odd reason, I went overboard on new holiday stamps. I plan on sending out a LOT of cards this year! Consequently, that means that simple cards will be making a big comeback here on my blog in the days ahead.

Blessings, friends!


  1. In my world it is never too soon for Christmas cards. If I see a card I want to CASE or come across a Christmas stamp I just have to have, I make the card then and there. I have a special box I collect them in. This way I have less to make when the time get's closer. Now, seeing the Christmas decorations go in the store before Holloween is just TOO soon! I used to hold hard and fast to the rule that we waited until after Thanksgiving for all things Christmas. But as I get older, I need more time to get ready for the holidays lol!
    Love both of your cards..the extra bit of red on the second one makes it really special.
    Lu C

  2. I would rather stores wait until at least November to put up Christmas as I used to work retail also..know it is a lot of work. I do wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate tho. love your cards & words. hope your doing well..

  3. In my opinion those cards are frame-able pieces of Christmas art. Oh...I really want one...I think I like joy best, BUT noel fits the serene and peaceful image. Must be in the air because I am listening to my Christmas collection while I work with my woolens! Love you siesta!

  4. Both cards are beautiful, but I especially love the top one. The red cardinal really pops!

  5. I think the non layered card is great!