Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Tough Day At Work

It's been a tough week on a lot of fronts. Yesterday was no exception. The job that had been the "perfect mom job" last month is quickly becoming the perfect mom life-drainer. I am working as a field merchandiser (read "stock girl"), and it feels as though I'm never catching up. I am on my feet for long hours, and the heavy lifting is causing my tendinitis to flare up again.

As I knelt on the cold concrete floor, sorting and stocking, a thought came to me.

I wonder if this is the career that my college professors had planned for me all along.

And then I burst into tears, right there on the floor of the grocery store.

Life doesn't always turn out the way you planned. You may not have the dream job, or live in the house that you've always longed for in the city you've always loved. Let's face it. Sometimes life takes you from the corner cafe in Paris to the floor of the grocery store.

Today, I am wearing my big girl panties and trying to suck it up. I have a J-O-B, and while I may not love it, it's the only job I could find.

Later on, I began to think of this Demotivational poster from Despair.com. It gave me a good self-deprecating laugh. I don't have a friend who would laugh with me over a cup of coffee. So would you do me a favor? Brew up a cup of coffee, visit Despair.com, and have a good laugh with me today.

Thanks, friend!


  1. I've always enjoyed your cards, and your site in on my bookmark list of card blogs,and I find your words very inspirational.. Keep your chin up, and your right you do have a job and make the best of it.. God Bless You..
    A fan,
    Helen from St.Louis :)

  2. It's night time, so I am skipping the coffee, but I did enjoy the side trip to despair.com. One of my mother's favorite sayings when there were challenges was "This too shall pass." And she was right. Didn't really make it any easier...but the challenge didn't last forever. I do enjoy your blog- your cards, your stitching, but most of all...your take on life. Will pray for a healing of the tendinitis and acknowledgement from your employer on a job well done.
    Lu C