Saturday, November 12, 2011

Feeling Holly Jolly

I officially started my Christmas shopping yesterday. Let the holiday frenzy begin! I have a new holiday gift giving plan that I'm hoping to implement in our household. I'm calling it the Three Present Principle. Everyone will have three presents to open. Just three. I figure if three presents were good enough for baby Jesus, then that has to be plenty for my family, too. I'm not sure how my boys will feel about this plan. Something tells me that Sam will be taking a much bigger list to Santa!

Time to get busy on Christmas cards! Today's card started out with really clean and simple principles. One strip of patterned paper, and everything else stamped on a one layer card base. That worked out just fine until...I stamped the sentiment crooked. AAARGH! as Charlie Brown would say. So I covered up today's boo (that's been a theme this week, hasn't it?) with a little sentiment pennant.

I love buttons, and this Holiday Button Bits from PTI was a must-have item. The buttons do add a bit of extra bulk when mailing, though. Hmm. Maybe these button cards will go in boxes when it comes time to send holiday gifts home. I may even have to start crafting a few paper and felt "buttons" in place of these vintage buttons.

Do you use buttons on your cards? If so, how do you approach the mailing problems with bulkier cards? I sometimes use a small sheet of thin foam or bubble wrap for a little extra padding.

Have you started holiday shopping yet?


  1. I made a Christmas stocking for the shop that looks just like your button berries and all! Of course it was made from felted Eddie Bauer wool, and wouldn't you know it, I was so busy sewing and creating that I forgot to blog about it! AAARGH! My C. Brown imitation. Lots of love xox

  2. I love buttons on my cards and yes I send them through the mail. I tend not to use them on Christmas cards just because there is more expense at Christmas in general. I also put foam in front of bulkier cards and I don't mind the extra postage at all.