Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Be Strong

Are you a quitter or a stick-to-it kind of person? I'll confess, quitting is hard for me. Remember last September when I decided to quit paper crafting? Yeah, that lasted for about a month. LOL!

I quit my job this week. And for some silly reason, I agonized over the decision and had to talk it out with everyone who would listen. I gave my husband a long list of reasons why I was quitting, until he finally looked at me and said "You don't need a reason to quit. You're miserable, you don't like the work, the pay stinks, so quit."

Well, when you put it that way!

I just feel as though I'm at a funny transitional point in my life right now where I'm having a hard time focusing on anything. I'm not currently in a bible study, I'm not exercising, and I have no clear goals. Partly cloudy, with a chance of fog. New Year's Resolutions? I can't wrap my brain around one, let alone a list.

There's one thing that I do know. I feel a strong desire to be home right now. I've been missing the daily rhythms that I've always found comforting...a good walk, a deep dive into the Word, a little stitching, a good book with a cup of coffee, a card sent to a friend. One day I will find a way to parlay my dabbling talents into a paying gig that helps to fund two college tuitions. In the meantime, I'm going to just try to be still and wait upon the Lord for a change.

Today's card features some new stamps that have been begging to get a little inky. This set is from Unity Stamp Co. I've wanted to purchase from them for a long time, and when they had Black Friday sales, I couldn't resist!

I wish I could stop buying new craft supplies, but I'm no quitter!

Blessings on your day, friends!


  1. I'll pray for you. It's very frustrating, isn't it? I am in a very fortunate position where I get to stay at home and have time to do all the things you mention (and look after horses!) I realise I am very blessed and fully intend to make the most of it!

  2. So follow me Mary. Take a deep inhale. Let it out slowly as you relax your jaw and stomach muscles. Ahhh, hear that? That's the sigh. The quiet, gentle release of the tension this job has been causing you. That sigh is the sound of contentment. It's your heart saying, 'ah, I'm home and it is good.' Enjoy this time. You don't HAVE to decide anything right now. Just being you is enough for now. In God's eyes, it always has been. Love you, Susie xo

  3. ***sigh***I just followed Sue's instructions and it felt...gooood! Who ever said being molded into who you are is a fun process?! I will quote mom now and say, "You are doing what you should be doing...right now!" There is much wisdom in those words. I Love You!

  4. You made me smile just now ;) when you said, "Why can't I just stop buying crafting supplies, I'm no quitter!" I'll use that excuse because I have a hankering for some A*muse stamps right now and of course PTI (and some clothes, shoes, and jewelry)! I know you will enjoy being home and I think when you want to work out of the home again and job you love will be there!

  5. Hi Mary Rose! Your post made me smile, as I agonized over quitting my job last June (I still sometimes have a moment where I think I need to go back, but then hubby smiles at me and tells me I need to breathe). It is a momentous decision, and some people just don't get it. I know that I made the right decision, but I think sometimes other people can make you feel bad about "not working". Sending you lots of wishes for peace and happiness. Enjoy, de-stress and breathe! (this is a quote from my hubby).

    Also...I enjoy seeing your cards on SCS. Glad to know you have a blog! :)