Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tea For Two, Me and Luke

Hello! I'd like to feature my first born son, Luke, today. Or Irish Luke, as I often call him. And for obvious reasons. The red hair, the fair skin, the freckles. And yes, ladies, he is single! :)

Over Christmas break, when Luke was home from college, he was so happy to grow this red beard. He doesn't like shaving, as he has sensitive skin. I took this photo of Luke right before he went back to college and back to his job in food service that would require him to shave his beard. He's actively looking for a job on campus that will allow him to keep his facial hair. Too funny.

Luke and I both hold the opinion that everyone should have to work a job in food service and a job in retail once in their lifetime. If you do, you'll be kind and patient to wait staff, and you'll always make an effort to put things back in their proper places in the store rather than plunking them on any ole shelf. Trust me, we've learned from experience.

When Irish Luke is home, we drink a lot of tea. In the warm months, it is iced tea, and on the chilly months, it is hot tea. No on else in my family shares my appreciation for tea as much as Luke. ( I'm trying to make at least one of my sons a coffee lover, but it hasn't happened yet!) Luke and I went out to lunch one day and ordered hot tea. The waitress brought us a box full of exotic herbals. We looked at her and said "Don't you have any regular tea?" In the end, we settled on Earl Grey.

We have favorite blends at home. Luke loves Lipton's, a classic orange pekoe. I also enjoy Constant Comment for its spiciness. If we're making a pot of tea, it has to be Yorkshire Gold. The British know a thing or two about good tea!

I think it's important for everyone to take time for tea! I made this card for today's sketch challenge at SCS using the PTI stamp set Tea For Two and papers from Crate Paper Farmhouse collection.

Have you seen any sneak peeks for what CHA has in store? The Craft and Hobby Association will be putting on their big trade show soon, where all of the major manufacturers will showcase their upcoming lines. I was so tickled to see that Cosmo Cricket will have a new line featuring tea called Tea For Two! It looks yummy!

Take time for yourself today, friends! And thank you for your kind comments and thoughtful words. I treasure them!


  1. Your Irish Luke is a cutey and so is this darling card. I too like constant comment tea and I have never tried the Yorkshire Gold. Can't wait to see all the new releases at the end of the month. Have a great day.

  2. Luke is sooo good lookin'...I know you've been selling old sets you have any larger alphabet sets? I will call you soon. Much love!