Friday, February 17, 2012

Blogging Break

Hello friends! I am taking a blogging break this week and will be back on Monday. My dear, sweet mother, Ruth, fell outside her home and shattered her shoulder and hip. I am in Michigan, caring for her cat, Miss Kitty, and visiting with Mom whenever I can.

It's one of those situations when you ask God, "Why?" But I know He has a plan, and Mom will recover in time to enjoy spring.

Hey, how about a craft project before I go?

I was out shopping one day before Christmas when I found this adorable car magnet. I wasn't a big fan of the sentiment "Just Let Go." Hmmm. Maybe if I put a D on the end of that sentiment...

And just like that, I have a message that makes me happy. Just Let God!

I'm going to just let God handle Mom's healing...with a lot of prayers, of course. Would you please send a prayer for Ruth as well?

Bless you, friends!


  1. I want me one...just might steal it when you aren't looking :)

  2. And then I will tkae it off of your car:).

  3. ...and put it on mine :D
    Sounds like an excellent sisters gift then Mary.

  4. I will say a prayer for your mom.


  5. Oh Mary Rose, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom! I hope she is feeling better soon, sending prayers for her recovery and to heal her pain.

    When you get home, I left something special for you on my blog on a post (2/20/12). Hugs!