Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Wreath For Spring

I went out shopping at some of the local craft stores this week, looking for a spring wreath for my front door. I must have been in my Goldilocks mood...too pricey, too froo froo, nothing just right.

I've got it! I'll go home and make a wreath with the things I have. How hard can it be?

{insert Spongebob's Jacque Cousteau narrator voice here saying"Three hours later."}

I started with the flowers, using felt from Papertrey Ink and pairing it with rosette dies from My Favorite Things. With a dab of hot glue to hold it all together and a pearl for the center, I thought they came out pretty sweet for my first attempt at felted flowers.

But I didn't want an entire wreath of felted flowers. Hmmm. How would this rusty little piece of picket fence look? Too rusty? I know, I'll dab on white craft ink, clear embossing powder, and then heat set it. Hey, it worked!

Maybe a little sign for the picket fence? Hey, my new WPlus9 stamps would make a cute wreath tag!

And then the agony of the ribbons. What color? Yellow? Green? White? Too narrow, too wide, too shiny, too too. In the end, I settled on this wide brown stripe. But the bow looked lonely. I scrounged through an old old jewelry box. This box holds stuff from the nineties when I was a teacher...every themed pin and piece of jewelry for each holiday and season. Do you remember those? We had to have jewelry to match our holiday themed sweatshirts, right? Yeah, I'm dating myself here, I know! I found this sweet bunny pin and decided he was "just right!"

I'm not sure if the wreath is quite done yet. I feel like it still needs something. Maybe more felted flowers or a little spring grass. Any suggestions?

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