Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Made From Scratch

I've been reading this delightful book that I discovered in my local library. "Made From Scratch", by Jenna Woginrich, published by Storey Publishing in 2008. This book has awakened my inner farm girl, that same girl who's been sleeping in flannel wrapped warmth through the winter.

My inner farm girl has been starting some seedlings indoors, and putting them out in the sun on warm days.

My inner farm girl found a way around those pesky rabbits in the herb garden. I planted three varieties of lettuce in this shallow bowl. In a few weeks, I'll have a yummy bowl full of greens that I've grown from scratch.

This book has me longing to raise chickens, take up knitting, and learn to play the dulcimer. Yes, it's that inspiring!

I think the essence of this little book is that you can slow down and appreciate life's accomplishments, big and small. It is about finding satisfaction in our own thrift and in the things we make and grow and create with our own two hands.

I crafted a little card today using papers, chipboard, and buttons from...wait for it, wait for it......
Crate Paper's Farmhouse collection, of course! Just a sweet little card to remind someone to take time for the important things in tea!

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