Friday, April 13, 2012

To Die or Nor To Die

To die, to sleep, to sleep, perchance, to dream.

Aye, there's the rub!

Ever stand in front of your craft space and just feel the overwhelming urge to break out with Hamlet's soliloquy?


Hmm. Maybe it's just me.

I wanted to craft a card today, but wasn't sure if I should use die cuts or skip them.

I was very late hopping on the die-cut bandwagon. Nope! Not for me! Too expensive! Where would I put it? And as everyone and their sister made card after card after card using the very same Top Note die again and again and again, well, let's just say it was easy to resist. Yawn!

But then I discovered new companies with new dies, and oh my! Please sir, may I have some more? (See how quickly I can skip from Shakespeare to Dickens? I must be in a literary mood today!)

Now, I am spoiled by my Big Kick and my lovely assortment of dies. If I want to pop out an image but don't have a matching die, I actually whine a little.

Fussy Cutting! Oh man! Do I have to?

To die or not to die?

Why not do both?

I made two cards today. One with no dies, and one with dies.

Here's the card without dies:

I used stamps from WPlus9 Designs, stamping a border on the 2 X 2 inch layer, and then stamping the birdhouse one the 1 X 1 inch layer. The bird required a bit of fussy cutting. And yes, I whined about it.

After finishing this card, I decided to make another, this time using the companion dies from WPlus9 Designs.

No fussy cutting, and only one stamp...the sentiment. I used papers from My Mind's Eye (miss caroline). I punched the flower, adding the pearl to the center. I also used some twine (PTI) to make it look as if the birdhouse is hanging from the branch.

No fussy cutting, but lots of fussy taping. And yes, I whined about that, too.

So there we have it! Two cards crafted in under an hour! I think that deserves some kind of award! Did you just say "award for the world's slowest card maker?"

Perhaps a reward is in order. Skinny Vanilla latte!

Caff or decaff?

That is the question!

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  1. I love both your cards and would say your time and fussy cutting/taping were well worth the effort. Have a terrific weekend.