Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When You Care About Color

Are you sensitive to color? I know I am!

When my new couches arrived in February, I knew they were the wrong color the instant the delivery men unwrapped them. Instantly.

The color was called Tawny. I didn't see Tawny. I saw Dove Grey.

I know, I know, greys are hugely popular in decorating right now. But greys are not for me! I am not a cool tone person. I love things warm and cozy.

I tried to reconcile the color. I swapped out the warm pine end tables that looked putrid now that this cool color had been introduced into the room. I added pillows and blankets. It still didn't help.

Should we repaint the great room? Change the rug? Get new curtains? Buy new end tables and lamps?

Oh, forget it!

I lived with it for about 48 hours before calling the store and ordering the "proper" color.

The new couches arrived today! I even warned the delivery men as they were unwrapping them.

"You won't see a big difference between the two colors, but I will!" I said.

Can you see a difference?

The grey is gone, and Chamois has arrived!

The couches now match the rug and the room perfectly!

Chamois is a sort of warm camel color that goes with everything in my house. It will be so fun to change to look of the sofa with different blankets and pillows for the changing seasons.

As they left, the delivery men said, (very kindly, I might add) "You have seventy-two hours to call if there are any problems with your new furniture."

"Oh, don't worry!" I said. "My husband will not let me call again!"

They laughed.

"How long have you been together?" they asked.

"Twenty-five years this year. And yes, I know, it's a miracle!"

I am so pleased with the new color! My husband may not admit it, but I know that he'll be pleased with the new color as well. He will be most pleased that he will not have to repaint the great room!

We've been calling this episode The Great Couch Color Fiasco of 2012.

Tell me, have you ever had a color fiasco? How did you fix it?


  1. Huge difference, right choice Mary. I totally agree with you on the colors. You know I'm definitely like that. We Thompson girls are very particular about colors. Aren't you happy now? I'm sure Ed is too.

  2. Oh yes, sooo happy, Sue! It was definitely worth the wait!

  3. Speaking of color, have I told you how much I love drinking my homemade cafe latte (Starbucks espresso beans) in the sunshine yellow Starbucks mug you gave me? Every morning it says, good morning sunshine to me, and I smile.

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  5. Oh...yes! As a sister I know how improtant the right color can be. Finally! You have the right color...the one that says...ahh...all is right in my little world. Beautiful!