Friday, May 11, 2012

Like A DirecTV Commercial

Life this month has been a lot like a DirecTV commercial. It's been something like this...

When you spend too much time alone, you start reading a lot of books and thinking about gardens.

When you start thinking about gardens, you start fantasizing about your farm house and putting sheets on the clothesline.

When you start thinking about the animals on your farm, you start talking to your animals. They start talking back.

When you get tired of talking to your animals, you start playing your dulcimer outside. When you start playing your dulcimer outside, the neighborhood women become afraid of you and don't invite you to their parties.

When you don't get invited to parties, you talk to the dog about it. The dog tells you to move to where the parties are. You pack up your bags and head home for a weekend with family. Self...stop talking to the dog and go talk to the women in your life!

Hope your weekend is sweet!


  1. You have described me totally, apart from the dulcimer. I talk to my dog and horse a lot, they are very good listeners!