Sunday, May 27, 2012

Musings from Nashville

My husband and I returned yesterday from a two day trip to Nashville...Indiana, that is!  Brown County is just beautiful, with its rolling hills and trees and farms. It's a great country escape! The town of Nashville is a little artsy community filled with quaint shops, fun restaurants, and lots of bed and breakfast accommodations. Here are a few photos from town.

Wait a minute! Do I spy a dulcimer near that doorpost? Yes, indeed, I do! I had a great time talking to the owner of the Weed Patch Music Company. She pointed me to the dulcimer books, and convinced me that I also needed to purchase a new Clarke's penny whistle while I was at it.

After a shopping blitz in Nashville, we headed to the Story Inn for our fabulous dinner (everything is made and raised locally!) and room for the night. The Story Inn (which claims to be haunted by a ghost known as The Blue Lady) is a truly unique experience. It is filled with rustic charm and surrounded by adorable cottages and gardens.

What a fun, relaxing weekend! I spoke about cross stitch with another guest at the inn, laughed with the friendly staff, explored gardens....yes, that is a bathroom sink plunked in the middle of the plots as garden art.  Yep, these are my kind of people! We saw so many horse farms, along with deer, wild turkeys, and a box turtle that my husband rescued from his eminent demise in the middle of a winding road. I love the country!

My husband and I rarely get out alone, so this was a real treat. Short, but sweet. A great start to the holiday weekend.


  1. Nashville is really a nice place. The people are amazing and thay have really great stores.

  2. I want me one of those coconut trees...or is it a palm tree? Whatever! I have the big stump to make it happen! Oh, can't say enough how much I appreciate the 2 pics of the arbor. I am making/asking Rude dude to build one for me and that is a fantabulously easy design. THNKS!
    and lotsa...lotsa love sent your way.