Monday, July 30, 2012

Hooked on Houses

I have a secret love affair with real estate. I just love houses! I love to stitch houses, I love to stamp houses, I love to visit and just browse through house listings. One of my favorite bloggers, Julia at Hooked on Houses,  shares my obsession. She'll even post photos of favorite movie and television houses.

Sure, I'll watch HGTV sometimes, but really, how excited can you get about another kitchen with the same stainless steel appliances and granite countertops? Show me the unique house, the house with character that looks like it's been loved and lived in for years.

I've been considering a need to move this month. No, not a job transfer to a new state. Just a new move, locally, in a new home in a new neighborhood. I think it all began when I took my old girl, Maggie, to the vet to begin a whole slew of prescriptions for her arthritic hips. We have a bowl-shaped backyard that is getting harder and harder for her to navigate. Yes, we have a lovely view of the nature preserve and the trees beyond, but our backyard is basically unusable.

And then I found it. An older home, in a well established older neighborhood, with a big flat yard filled with trees and a sliver of a view to the lake beyond the cul de sac. A funky house, in need of a little cosmetic repair and TLC. And here's the kicker...a house that would cut our mortgage in half. Yes, it's looking very appealing.

I don't know that my husband is completely on board with the idea. Sure, he likes the small mortgage, but he's not sure if he's ready for a new project. He worries that the company will offer a promotion and a move in one month, three months, six months, a year, and then what? But I don't want to live in the shadow of What Ifs anymore. I want to live in the Why Nots!

Today's card reflects my love of houses.

{Today's Brew: stamps and diecuts from WPlus9 Design, card stock from PTI, papers from Crate Paper Pretty Party, PTI button twine}

Tell me, do you love houses, too? What's your favorite style?


  1. Maryrose, your card is beautiful and I know what you mean. I sometimes feel the same way on moving. We live on the mountains in BC and my neibourhood is getting busier and busier. I dream with an older, "Country LIving Magazine" type of house. Dreams that come and go!!!

  2. Beautiful card! I'm with you... you can't live with "what if's"!