Friday, July 20, 2012

Praying For You

Sometimes, the truth hurts. When I first saw this little saying (and the more common word substitution of "talked" for "tweeted"), I remember the thought that came to my mind.


The truth is, I tend to talk around a problem six ways from Sunday before I bring it to the Lord. Too often, I make prayer my last ditch attempt rather than my first defense. I need to do better.

I have a few cares and concerns that I'm choosing to pray about rather than talk about. God is disciplining me right now, and I'm trying to train my two ears to listen twice as much while training my mouth to talk half as much. And when I do talk, I'm trying harder to THINK, as it Truthful? Is it Helpful? Is it Inspirational? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?

Pray more. Talk less. Read the Word more. Read the world less. Faith more. Worry less.

Today's card is for someone I'm praying for, because frankly, we can all use a little prayer reminder on a daily basis.

We've been praying for rain and an end to the drought. God has brought us some blessed relief for the past three days. Overcast skies have been a welcome sight!

{today's brew: PTI Scattered Showers and Scattered Showers additions, PTI card stock and cloud dies, Crate Paper Pretty Party papers and chipboard flower, amuse ribbon,  SU scallop edge punch, Distress Inks, paper doily}

I don't know why this card needed doily corners. It just did.

A little cheerfulness for the inside of this card, too.

Have a cheerful weekend, friends!


  1. There is something in umbrellas and clouds that look great on a card. I made one today with an umbrella and love the look... Beautiful!!!

  2. Totally LOVE this! The doilie is pure perfection!

  3. Love the message about the tweeting and praying. What a cute card to send someone who is a little "under the weather"!! Prayers are always so comforting and uplifting!

  4. Great reminder Mary. I just have SO much trouble with the talk less part:). Love you.