Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Treasures of Ellis Island

Last month's trip to Ellis Island was so inspiring. One of my favorite exhibits in the museum showcased the treasured items that immigrants carried with them from their homeland. Bibles, prayers books, jewelry, clothing, pipes, fine china, musical instruments. It makes you pause and think to yourself "What items would I choose if I could only bring those things that I could carry?"

The room featured a lot of needle art, such as this redwork design. I felt so connected to those hands that labored over a creative pursuit. Every needle threaded, every flower stitched, every bead added, every seam sewn, every quilt and article of clothing made by hand.

I finished this summer basket sampler last night. I stitch because it is meditative. I stitch because I can take it outside and enjoy my garden and the birds while I create. I stitch because there is nothing on television worth watching. I stitch because it gives me a break from reading again. I stitch because it connects me with my past, with those women who carried their floss and linen and scissors over oceans and strange lands.

I connect with those women who knew that a cup of tea served in a china cup can make any day better. The women who knew that if they had their Bible, they had everything they needed.


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  1. Thank you for sharing! I always enjoy your writing and the thoughtfulness you put into it.