Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Look, Mom! No stamps!

My mom is such a sweet thing. She saw this card that I mailed to my brother-in-law, and she raved about the cute stamp of the house with the tree and picket fence, and the stamped "Home Sweet Home" sentiment.

Here's the secret: I didn't use any stamps. I didn't even use diecuts. That house and tree and picket and sentiment are all just a pretty focal point from the Simple Stories Harvest Lane collection. I simply combined some papers, punched a few leaves, added a corduroy button with some twine, and there you have it. A card that looks like I worked a whole lot harder than I did.

If only there was a magic candle that made the bathrooms clean, washed the sheets, made the beds, folded the laundry, did the dishes AND finished the grocery shopping, then I'd be all set!


  1. How clever Mary Rose! This is a gorgeous card. I find that magic candle, be sure to be me know where you fund it, LOL!

  2. One of the reasons I was trying to reach you was to say how cute this card was arriving in the mail...showed it to mom and she beat me to the punch! LOL. For all you card makers...here's a story. My father-in-law is in Hospice. When a card arrived the other day for him he was sure it was one made by my mom...right size...weight...he said he took one look after opening it and knew he was mistaken. There's just something about the handmade card ;) The moral: it matters!

  3. This turned out great! I love that you did not use any stamps. BTW, if you find the candle, be sure and let me know!