Saturday, December 22, 2012

Oh Birch Tree, Oh Birch Tree!

It began as a joke.

I wonder if we'll ever get a Christmas tree this year. Maybe we should just put lights on the birch trees.

"Oh birch tree, oh birch tree, how lovely are your branches!"

Son number one even drew a picture of what our birch trees would look like, all decked out in their Christmas finery.

While the boys were out of the house yesterday, I found a string of white lights in the basement and I did it. I put lights on our birch trees. The oldest sons think it's hysterical. The youngest son is a little concerned that Mom has totally lost her marbles this Christmas.

Seriously, who would NOT want a birch tree strung with lights in their home for the holiday season? I think I may be a bit of a trend setter this holiday. Just you wait! Next year, you'll be seeing trees just like this one all over Pinterest!

It could happen!

Will a Christmas tree happen? Who knows! Strangely, I'm very laid back about the holiday trappings this year. I have all of my sons home. We're healthy. We're happy to be together. My dear hubby is working twelve and fourteen hour days, six and seven days a week, to make Christmas happen for other families. He has a great job that, thanks be to God, supports us all. The pantry is full and the laundry is done. We have snow on the ground and Christmas in our hearts.



  1. I love the birch branches. Great idea. Then add lights! Perfect!

    You probably should mess with your son just a wee bit and hang one ornament and see what he says! ;) LOL

  2. This is lovely! Sounds as if you have all of the essentials for Christmas, my friend. All the rest are just the trappings. They mean little if the essentials are not there. Distant hugs from me and my birds!