Friday, December 14, 2012

Thank You, Hanna Andersson!

In yesterday's post, I confessed to my love of Scandi Style. So it shouldn't come as any great surprise, then, that one of my favorite clothing companies is Hanna Andersson. I've been purchasing from them (via catalog) for years. And now, they have a store in Indianapolis! woo hoo!

I recently ordered a new dress for Christmas (Tell Me A Folk Tale Sweater Dress!), and when it came, there was also a reminder to enter a contest. Win a NOOK HD and a $100 gift card from Hanna Andersson! Sign me up! I sent in my entry via email and went along my merry way.

Last week, I received an email. Congratulations! You won the contest!

I wish you could've seen my son, Sam, when he heard the news! He did the happy dance!

I went to my local Barnes and Noble (one of my favorite places in the world) and picked up my new NOOK HD. It is a thing of beauty! When I told the staff how I won the contest, they were thrilled for me, too! The clerk said "Oh, sure! Hanna Andersson! The sweater people!" Yep! That's the one!

I picked up a cover to protect my NOOK, too. My husband tried to convince me to purchase something a little more understated.

"How about this nice black one? Or maybe this brown one?"

"Hell-o!" I answered. "This one has birds! Wearing glasses! It just says 'Hello, I'm happy! Take me home!'. Which I did, of course!

I promptly ordered a few apps for Sam's entertainment. Angry Birds StarWars edition, Cut The Rope, Pac Man, and others.

Here's Sam, wearing one of his favorite Hanna Andersson shirts (organic Oeko-Tex cotton, folks!), happily playing Fruit Ninja.

It has been a wonderful blessing that quickly put our family into the holiday spirit.

Thank you, Hanna Andersson!


  1. Congratulations! Sam, is really cute!!! Now go read a book! LOL

  2. Thanks! I've read two new books on my NOOK this week: The Christmas Crumble by M.C. Beaton and Crewel Yule by Monica Ferris!