Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Love Machine

My husband accused me of being crabby today because my washing machine is broken.

That is completely ridiculous!

I am crabby today because my top-of-the-line, top loading, high efficiency washing machine that is less than two yeas old now needs a new lid (no longer under warranty, of course) because the PLASTIC parts (and really, who puts plastic on a machine that uses centrifugal force, I ask you?) snapped in two, rendering my lid completely useless and the machine inoperable.

But I am not crabby.

Okay, when I start using long run-on sentences laden with adjectives, I might be just a little crabby.

But the truth is I LOVE my washing machine. It is a family joke, actually. I love to do the laundry. I tolerate doing the dishes, I will cook when necessary, and I loathe scrubbing bathrooms. But laundry? LOVE it.

Now I can't do my laundry until the newly ordered lid comes in. And I'm just a little crabby about it.

Let's change the subject.

Did you know you can curl organdy ribbon with a heat gun?

If you love the look of wrinkled up seam binding, you're going to love this! Just cut a long strip of organdy ribbon, keeping in mind that it will shrink in the process.

Direct the heat over the ribbon, one section at a time, until it begins to curl. You'll need something to hold that ribbon in place to keep it from blowing away in the process. I used my scissors because I couldn't find my tweezers. (Time to clean the craft table!)

Look! Curly fancy vintage-y ribbon! Wasn't that fun? Why, I bet you could spend hours curling ribbon instead of doing something useful like cleaning and drying and folding clothes. Aack! My poor, poor washing machine! waaah!

I used my curly ribbon on this card. Of COURSE I own a washing machine stamp! Doesn't everybody? Well, if you don't, then you should! Go to the Paper Smooches website and order the Squeaky Clean stamp set! Because if a girl can't use her own washing machine, then stamping a washing machine is the next best thing.

{Today's Brew: Squeaky Clean stamp set (Paper Smooches), Soft Stone/White/ Black card stock (PTI), My Mind's Eye Miss Caroline Dilly Dally papers, MME Miss Caroline Dilly Dally hat pin and button, SU black organdy ribbon, Versafine Onyx ink, foam dimensionals, prisma markers}

Isn't this fun? Notice the paper that has the tokens on it? That's a nod to the laundromat that I'll be visiting this week. The laundromat next to the liquor store. The laundromat that plays Jerry Springer on the television while the patrons smoke. Smoke!

But I'm not crabby.

Today's card was made for the SPARKS challenge at the Paper Smooches blog! Want to play along? Just click on the Paper Smooches widget on the right and join in the fun!

Thanks for visiting the cafe today!


  1. Who knew?! Curling ribbon and that you are in love with your washing machine! LOL Great tip and try to enjoy your 'time off' from laundry. Okay, think of it as 'look how much laundry you get to do soon'! ;)

  2. Thank you for the idea to curl the ribbon.Your card is gorgeous - even if it is about doing the wash (I don´t like this ;-) )...

  3. Mary Rose, your card is STUNNING and your tutorial for curling ribbon is FABULOUS (who knew you could do such a thing???) but your post is HILARIOUS!!! I love your sense of humor, even if you are a bit crabby about the washing machine! ;) BTW, once your machine is fixed, would you please do my laundry, too, since you love doing laundry? That would leave me more time for crafting.

  4. you are hilarious and your card is so cute. thanks for sharing

  5. My girl, you crack me up!!! I definitely do not love doing laundry, but if my fancy-pants front loader, that hubby was in love with (I thought it was ridiculously priced) broke because of a plastic part after 2 years I would be downright mean, passing crabby in a heartbeat!!
    Love your card and thanks for sharing the curling ribbon technique! That's sure to come in handy. Jerry Springer and smoking??? Well, I think you'd better mosey next door when you're at the laundromat...

  6. Oh your post is cracking me up! I would be crabby too and I don't love laundry! Seriously laughing about your post and love the nod to the laundromat on your card...you rocked the sketch and what you did with the ribbon is awesome. Thanks so much for playing with us at PaperSmooches Sparks!

  7. Ha...and here I thought this post was going to be all about Ed...but, you know what they say, with a good spin cycle who needs a man! (your sister is sooo naughty!)

  8. Love the card, the story and the curls!! Great to take frustration and create a fabulous card as the result!!!!

  9. Thanks for the tip on curling ribbon. LOVE your card and the great story (sorry about your washing machine!)

  10. Your card is too fun! Love the washing machine with all of the laundry stuff stacked on top. Thanks for joining us for the Paper Smooches SPARKS challenge! Hope your machine is fixed soon.

  11. First time on your blog, had to laugh as you remind me so much of myself. My nickname is Mrs. Wash-a-lot! Same thing happened to me, I contacted the company direct and they sent me out a new lid free of charge. Might be woth a try. Thanks for the tutorial, it's a great idea.

  12. OH MY! This little washing machine with the basket and soap is SOOOOO cute!!! LOVE that ribbon too:) FAB take on last week's sketch! THANKS so much for joining in the fun and playing along with the Paper Smooches SPARKS challenge:)

    Hope you will join in the fun again this week!!

  13. Oh I feel your pain! But for me it was spaghetti sauce that over flowed and went between the glass on the door of my stove. Of course it was not under warranty. It didn't stop me from complaining to the company that made it. It at least made me feel a bit empowered. Good luck!


  14. First time on your blog. Thabks for this great tip. Willl deff make use of it. Linda griessel