Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Newly Remodeled

Hello! Sorry for the long absence! The cafe was closed for remodeling....remodeling of the dining room, that is! But today I can finally show you photos. It's the BIG REVEAL DAY!  woo hoo!

The remodel went in to full swing last week, shortly after I received this flyer from Lowe's in the mail. THAT blue! That's what I want for my dining room! I took a trip to Lowe's, asked the lady at the paint counter if she could tell me the name of the blue in the photo, and her answer was "Nope! But you can help yourself to samples to take home!"

So, we tried a few blues.

And we tried a few more blues.

In the end, I let my husband and my little guy, Sam, decide. I would have gone a shade lighter, but apparently in our family, you go bold or you go home. :)

Here's the dining room before the remodel.

And here's the dining room now!

We decided to reorient the table, and it made the room feel so much bigger!

Fresh! Which happens to be the name of this paint...Fresh Basin! Wow! The blue walls really make a nice contrast to the whitewashed furniture. I love it!

I moved this painting from another room. Hello! Blue polka dots!

I swapped out one welcome sign for another. This floral cross stitch welcome was something I'd stitched twenty years ago (when I was pregnant for my second son, John Ryan!). I love how all of the colors look so pretty with this blue...yellows, greens, reds, pinks. It's a happy blue!

I found this little pillow in a closet. It added just the perfect touch of spring.

These sheer curtain panels were the deal of the week! I found a package of two sheer panels for $15 at TJMaxx. Normally, one sheer panel costs at least twenty dollars. I bought another set for my office room, too. They let in so much more light! I love how the sheers are a little gossamer and romantic, while at the same time the circular embroidery pattern is a little modern.

And here's what makes me really happy. The blue of the dining room looks so pretty where it meets the taupe of the kitchen and great room. SO much better than the yellow, in my opinion.

The grand total of this room makeover? Forty dollars for paint and supplies, fifteen dollars for curtains. Fifty-five dollars for a happy room? Priceless!

Our local newspaper came today, and this article made me smile:

The opening paragraph says "Color shock is here! The muted, soft tones that were coveted for a number of years are taking a back seat to intense, high voltage color."

High voltage color? I've got that!

Thanks for stopping back to the cafe today! I'll be back to crafting tomorrow!


  1. Adorable! Right down to the "bird cage" centerpiece I talked you into. I will be gone over the weekend if you and Ed would like to take your painting on the road...free accomodations and James will even feed you!

  2. Great job, Mary Rose. Your room totally transformed! I love that you shopped yourself. It is fun to take items to another room and see how they shine anew! Enjoy your new space.

  3. I love it! So fresh and cheery. Those curtain panels were a great find. It's wonderful that you found "new" items elsewhere in your home and incorporated them into your makeover. Enjoy!

  4. This looks beautiful. Nice work. xo

  5. Your room is beautiful Mary Rose! I love the color & all the pieces you incorporated into your design!!!

  6. Oh my! The moment I saw that paint, I fell in love with it! The color looks so fresh! I even liked your accent pieces, as well as the positioning of the dining table! Everything seems so in order. Honestly, good job!