Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sermon Notes

I am blessed to attend a church that has a wonderful teaching pastor. It really is his passion to equip his flock with the Word, and to empower them to be light and salt in their world. His sermons are not dry theological rehashings. They are filled with real, concrete truths to help you on your daily faith walk as you bring the Gospel to the world. (This morning, I learned that the word "glory" translates to the Hebrew word "heavy". Isn't that awesome? That's the kind of cool thing I learn all the time from my pastor!)

Consequently, I find myself  scribbling on my church bulletin every week, trying to remember some great quote or verse.

It's a new year. I can do better.

I picked up this spiral bound lined journal at Target. It has a little built in pocket frame that lets you slip in a customized piece of card stock. They included some cute images and letters, but I decided to use my own.

I grabbed my Harvest Lane Collection from Simple Stories, knowing that there would be some great colors to match the orange cover of this spiral.

Here it is! Flowers, birds, polka dots...fun!

A great way to organize my Bible study for the new year.

And it's the perfect size, too! It fits right into my Bible cover so I can grab both at the same time and go.

January seems to be the unofficial month to "get organized". But the truth is, I try to organize something every month.When you are a crafter, you have to stay organized. When you have kids in school, you need to organize. When you cook in the kitchen, you need to organize. An organized home just runs a little smoother.

Tell me...what are you organizing this month?


  1. Great idea and it works perfectly with your Bible holder!

  2. This is lovely. I have a notebook with a beautiful fabric cover. At first I used it as a diary, then started taking notes of sermons, now I write my favourite new worship songs in it and use my stamps to decorate the pages. It's become a very special book and I'm sure yours will too.

  3. You did such a nice job coordinating these together...TFS!!!