Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Decorating With Color

Last year, shortly after my new couches arrived, I looked around the house and saw a lot of tan. Tan couches, tan walls, tan floors, tan rugs.  I know, I know. Some people LOVE to live in a sea of taupe. I'm just not one of those people.

We have a colorful family. I wanted a colorful house to suit our personality.

A colorful house like the Duncan's house on Good Luck Charlie. Have you ever seen this show on Disney? It cracks me up. Here are a few views of their colorful abode.

Those are some bright, happy colors!

I decided to start adding some color in the accessories.

A pop of orange here, a little blue there, a lot of blue in the dining room. Now I'm surrounded by happy colors. And on cloudy, grey days in winter, I need my color!

This weekend, I did a little repurposing. I've had this metal star for a while. It was a dark navy blue that really didn't match anything in the house. I bought a cheap bottle of turquoise paint from the craft store and gave it a little face lift. Wow, was that bright! Then I toned it all down with a few swipes of Distress Stain in vintage photo. Much better!

A cheerful addition to the fireplace mantel. I'm really enjoying my colorful surroundings.

Tell me...are you a white room lover or a color lover in your home?

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  1. Great idea MR, with the distress ink. I love that pillow!