Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tropical Spring Break

I'm on a tropical spring break this week. Isn't that obvious from the palm tree?

Actually, the palm tree is part of the "lovely" decor of my husband's temporary city apartment in Pittsburgh. This is what happens when good rooms must suffer from bad design!

We're house hunting in Pittsburgh this week. (more on this on my home relocation blog----->) Our first night in the city, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to sleep with all of the noise. Trains rumble buy, semis use their jack brakes, cars honk, sirens wail, and the jack hammer starts its work at 8am. Sharp.

That's when my husband showed me his handy new device...a white noise machine. It lulls you to sleep with a number of wonderful settings, like 'rain forest', 'summer nights', 'heart beat', 'rain', 'waterfall', and my son's favorite, 'ocean'. 

Imagine sleeping under a palm tree (albeit a fake palm tree), with the soothing sounds of waves lapping on the shore and sea gulls cawing in the distance. Ah, bliss!

I'll be back to crafting soon. In the meantime, think happy thoughts...have a tropical drink with a little umbrella, soak up some sunshine, and enjoy the singing birds.



  1. Mary Rose~
    I've been a follower of your blog for a while but haven't been on the computer too much these last couple of weeks looking over my favorite "reads". I am just now seeing that you'll be moving to Pittsburgh! I live in Pittsburgh - actually north of the city. I am a fellow stamper, crafter (of sorts), a sister in Christ, a stay at home momma, involved in Bible Study Fellowship . . . If I may ask, in what part of this great city are you looking for a house? Here's a little WELCOME to this part of God's creation - my husband & I are lifelong residents of Pgh. Maybe we'll meet some day soon . . . May you be filled with God's abundant grace, mercy & peace in the coming days of selling & buying a home. Again, a warm welcome to Pittsburgh is extended to you & your family. I hope you find it to be a warm, friendly city. We have so much that is exciting to do, plenty of cultural venues, great sports teams, parks, etc. For a small city, we have a lot to offer.

    Michelle G.

    1. Hi Michelle! Thanks for the warm welcome! We've been concentrating our home search in the North Hills areas. It seems like a good commute for my husband's work, and a good commute for our families in the northwest Ohio/southeast Michigan area. We really love Sewickley, but not sure we can afford the area. Now we're looking in Ben Avon/Ben Avon Heights area. (Any opinions on this area?)I may be heading back this weekend for more house hunting. I'd love to meet you in the fun to have a future stamping friend!

    2. A little crazy hectic here with high school senior activities & getting ready to move 2 college kids home for the summer, hence the late reply.

      BUT---- North Hills!!! We live in Hampton Twp which is in the North Hills :)) Sewickley is beautiful, but pricey as you are aware. Ben Avon/Heights. . . I think is nice, but truthfully I have never really spent any time there to get a feel for this community, but I have never heard anything negative about it so that must be a good thing, right? I get the impression that it is a very nice bedroom community, safe, liveable. . . all good things. And I believe the school district is a smaller district which I personally like. I hope your weekend spent here was productive toward your home search. If there is anything you need or questions you may have, feel free to email me: I'll try my best to help you.
      May God's richest blessings be yours as you continue in this endeavor. ~Michelle