Monday, July 15, 2013

Finding Community

Community. It is a bittersweet word for me. It has the same impact on me that I suppose the word "baby" has for an infertile couple. When I hear the word "community", I feel an insatiable longing for something just out of reach.

I read the book "Bread and Wine" by Shauna Niequist last week, and I found myself once again feeling like I was on the outside looking in on what real fellowship and community looks like.

When you have community, you have a feeling of belonging and purpose in your life.

And when you do not have community, you know it. It is a big void, like a black hole that threatens to suck you in on a daily basis.

I am trying to find my place in a new town, and let me tell you, it's never easy if it can be difficult instead. For example, I signed up for a stamp camp with my new SU demonstrator, printed off directions to her house, and spent an hour getting lost instead.

No problem! I called the demo, and she fit me into her evening class. I printed off better directions and set out. Of course, the skies turned black, the rains poured down, the winds took down limbs and trees, but I persevered! I made it! And it was good to spend an evening with women, even if I didn't know a soul.

I never had a crafty friend when I lived in Indiana. I'm hoping to change that here in Pittsburgh.

We made this card at the camp, using one of the new SU In Colors with watercolor paper and blender pens.

Then I came home and dug out my old blender pens to make this card. A little more clean and simple.
I used a Hero Arts stamp for the flowers, paired it with a sentiment from Papertrey Ink (Simply Jane), and spritzed with Glimmer Mist (coffee).

Tell me, where do you feel a sense of community?


  1. Oh my goodness Mary Rose,....I love your take on the card you made at the SU demos is stunning and because it is a clean and simple card it lends an elegance that one notices right far as my is my stamp groups...I love all the new friends I have made through stamping...they are tried and true friends and people I would never had met if not for stamping. What a joy they are and truly a blessing. I hope you find your community. Keep going to stamping and pretty soon it will seem like you've been there a very long time..Sending prayers and thoughts your way.

  2. I really like the scalloped black detail on the first card. Sssshhh, don't tell, but I really like your card best! I like the inked edges and the subtle colors.

    I am glad that you made it to meet the girls. You get an E for effort! I guess I really feel a sense of community when DH and I are out front doing something in the yard or such and before you know it we are three or four conversations later with neighbors, or neighbors driving by. I love how everyone offers to help, lend, or just say hello!

  3. I like both cards, but have to admit the second one made by you is my favorite. I like the colors and style of it. It's very pretty.

    As for a sense of community, after some reflection I have to admit it - it's a temporary feeling for me. I often feel as though I'm on the outside looking in. I have been that way my whole life. Hopefully you will find ways to establish your communities in Pittsburgh. Hurrah for your triumph over the weather conditions to find your way to stamping at the new demo's house! As Carol said, it's a starting point for a crafting community!

    Blessings to you.