Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Beatrix Potter, Part Three

I'm still reading "Beatrix Potter, A Life In Nature" by Linda Lear. A life in nature. What a lovely subtitle!

I have found that nature, these days, takes a back seat to technology. There are so many indoor pursuits to distract us now...computers, video game systems, e-readers, cell phones, television. I have a hard time peeling my sons (and admittedly, sometimes myself) away from the technology and out into nature. The beautiful summer is beckoning us outdoors!

We are really enjoying our new yard, and exploring the trees and shrubs and gardens every day. Our last house had a deck that was suspended over the walkout basement. We had a fabulous view of the nature preserve beyond, but the truth was that we rarely went out into the oddly bowl shaped yard. As luck would have it, our new house has a flagstone take a step, and you are in the yard and in the garden.

The gardens are heavily landscaped, but they also need a lot of tending. I am spending many hours each week pruning and weeding and shaping and plotting. It's a lot of work, and I am loving it. I've noticed that my constant presence outside seems to beckon a few family members to unplug and join me.

Beatrix Potter's father was an amateur photographer. Beatrix herself often photographed specimens for her artwork.

I find myself taking the camera out into the garden a lot these days.

Finding inspiration in color and texture...

...discovering strange and wonderful specimens in our own back yard.

A life in nature, full of new discoveries and possibilities. I am anticipating the changes that each new season will bring. Working in the garden invariably leads to resting in the garden...a cup of coffee on the patio, listening to the birds and loving the companionship of my old dog.

It's been a wonderful summer to spend outdoors!

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