Thursday, August 8, 2013


In my quest for the perfect ink, I thought I had a contender. As I mentioned last week, I had just ordered the new SU firm foam ink pads in the current In Colors. I tried them once and was really impressed with the color saturation, especially with solid photopolymer stamps.

And then I played with them some more.

The love has quickly faded.

While the new ink pads do offer more color saturation, I am also experiencing a lot of feathering at the edges of the image.

Old style, crisp edges. New style, feathering.

Is it too much to ask for it all? I just want complete color saturation AND crisp edges. In other words, I want what my Versafine Onyx manages to accomplish every day, but in 50 brilliant colors!


It has spoiled me and foiled me so.

I've read just about every angle on this new ink topic. Gentle tapping, no need for pounding, wipe off excess, takes a gentle touch...blah blah blah. I don't want an ink pad that comes with an owner's manual. I want an ink pad that's easy to use right from the start!

Today, I am feeling like Charlie Brown after Lucy has taken the football away......


Let's move on to something happy!

I went to stamp camp at my demo, Cindy's house yesterday. We made this adorable gift bag using the kit from SU.

We played with washi tape and made a happy card, too!

Tell me, please! What is your favorite ink to use with photopolymer stamps?


  1. I love Impress Fresh Ink and I think I have tried almost every ink out there. This one beats all!

  2. Hi, Mary Rose. I am so sorry that you are frustrated. I too was having the same issues with SU ink and any clear stamps, whether they were photoploymer or not. The best ink I have come across to work with them is Memento. It has been the best for the clearest line(s). To have a variety of colors I use the dew drops. I use the full size pads for the basic brown and black. I also like that with the pigment dye you can use any coloring medium. If you check often, Joann's has the dew drops 40% off and free shipping. Good luck!