Thursday, August 22, 2013

This End Up: The Art of Color

I have decided to link up my home and relocation blog to this blog. In the future, these posts will all have the lead title "This End Up". I hope you enjoy a peek into our home and life remodel!

This End Up: The Art Of Color

Home improvement projects have taken on an outside/in approach, rather than inside/out. We've had wonderfully mild summer weather here in Pennsylvania, and it just makes sense to get the outdoor projects done first. I am certain that our indoor projects will wait for us when we are buried under a foot of lake effect snow this winter.

Pruning, weeding, lawn and garden.

And now that the trees and shrubs are looking nice and neat, I wanted the front of the house to make a fresh appearance.

Front door makeover to the rescue!

I searched magazines and blogs, looking for just the right color. I found it when I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. I entered a search "front door colors with red brick", and came up with this photo. Yes! Perfect! The style of the house looked very similar to mine, right down to the white trim work and the double front doors.

I browsed through the paint selections at Lowe's and spotted the perfect shade: La Fonda Teal, a color selected by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. What could be better?

And here it is:

Wow! That color has some impact! I am totally fond of La Fonda Teal now!

The doors, which used to be the same shade of yellow as the shutters, now stand out rather than blend in.  It is hard to ignore this house from the street view now!

My husband is happy that the color complements the shutters well, as that means one less painting project for him!

This color works perfectly with this house for one big reason: this shade of turquoise/teal on the doors is an opposite of the orange/red of the bricks on the color wheel. Opposites on the color wheel do, indeed, attract!

Just imagine how stunning these doors will look with orange wreaths in the fall!

We've had a lot of positive feedback from all of the neighbors concerning our outdoor home improvements. This old established neighborhood does not have a Home Owner's Association, which means there are no rules or guidelines concerning the outward appearance of homes. We've lived in HOA neighborhoods for the past eight years, so this has been a welcome change for us. You can wake up one morning and say "I am going to paint my front doors teal today", and you do not have to wait six to eight weeks for approval from a committee to make it happen.


God has really blessed our family with wonderful neighbors. They are friendly and gracious, and they'll chat with you on a daily basis. And when the family next door moved, God answered our prayers with a very sweet family that has a son the same age as our Samuel. Sam now has a buddy right next door!

I hope that our house now says "Hello! We're the new family, and we're so happy to be here!"


  1. Love it! You made the right color choice.

  2. Your home is lovely and so welcoming...the door is a beautiful opening into it. It looks so wonderful!

  3. I love it! I never thought of teal and its my favorite color! I too googled "colored doors on red brick houses" and your post caught my eye! Thanks for the inspiration!