Saturday, October 19, 2013

31 Days: Been Booed

Last night was our first "sleepover"! Sam invited a classmate and neighborhood friend to spend the night, which is a BIG deal when you are in the fourth grade. Met the Mom, who was super sweet, and felt like I instantly had another neighborhood friend.

We had pizza and foosball and video games, followed by popcorn and Iron Man 3 until midnight. This morning, we wrapped it up with pancakes and apple cider. My little guy was so happy, and I could tell that he and his friend had a great time.

These are the sorts of unplanned occasions that can lead to great memories for my son, Sam. All of these steps, big and little, are helping him to really feel connected to his new community.

While the kids were playing and giggling together, we had a mysterious gift left on our doorstep.

We were "booed" by one of our neighbors. The boys thought this was awesome! Trinkets and candies, with instructions to "boo" two neighbors the next night.

So tonight, Sam dressed in black to be extra stealthy. He dropped these off at doorsteps, rang the doorbells, and took off! Ding dong ditch with gift baskets! He was "pretty sure" he saw a police car after "booing" one of the houses, so he hid in the bushes. It certainly is terrifying and exciting to be a ten year old boy skulking around in the dark!

We have officially been "booed" in our new house, and we have done a little "booing", too.

Blessings received and blessings shared. Blessed to be a blessing!


  1. OH! So now I get the 'booing'! How fun. I am laughing at a few things. One, I love the term Ding Dong Ditch. It always causes a giggle. Two, Sam instantly hiding from the law. Three, that he wore all black! Fun stuff, thanks for sharing.

  2. In our old neighborhood they had this tradition and it was so much fun.As an older couple without children at home I felt honored that they chose to "BOO" us. I am glad you are starting to feel more welcomed and fitting right into the neighborhood...thanks for sharing...what a great memory for you son...