Saturday, October 26, 2013

31 Days: The Dining Room Debate

So, where do you stand on the dining room debate?

Do you feel that a house needs to have a dining room to make it a real home? Or do you feel that a dining room is wasted space and not necessary if you have a big eat-in kitchen?

Our last house had a dining room that was so small we could not fit our furniture in it! That's what we get for not taking proper measurements of the room and our furniture before choosing the house! We had to put the dining room furniture in the great room next to the kitchen, and move the kitchen furniture into the dining room. We never really used that room as a dining room. It sort of became a front parlor where my husband would often sit with his laptop and catch up on work.

Personally, I love dining rooms. For some reason, it transforms an ordinary meal into something special when we eat it together in the dining room.

When we were house hunting, I never put "dining room" on our must-have list. But the house I fell in love with had a dining room, and I'm so glad that it did.

Our new dining room is big, with plenty of room for our furniture.

It had a lot of potential. Hard wood floors and crown moldings. Beautiful custom curtains and a lovely neutral grass cloth wallpaper.

The sun shines through the big window in the late afternoon, bathing this room and the neighboring garden in light.

My husband still likes to sit at the dining room table with his laptop, which is fine by me. We don't save this room for special occasions. We may sit here to work on homework or play a board game. And we gather here when all of the boys are home, to eat spaghetti and talk and laugh and share.

I am looking forward to the meals we will share at this table during the holiday season.

Does your home have a dining room? If so, how often do you use it?

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