Monday, October 14, 2013

31 Days: Embracing the Vintage Bathroom

When friends and family asked us about our new house this spring, we always responded with the same statement.

"Well, it has pink and yellow bathrooms."

That pretty much summed it up!

We live in a fifty year old colonial with original bathrooms. One bathroom has a yellow toilet, yellow tub, and yellow sink. The other bathroom has two pink sinks, marble counters, a pink toilet, and a pink bathtub. And let me tell you this: the tile in these bathrooms is in pristine condition. Not a single crack or scratch to be found.

Did I mention that I have three sons? Guess which bathroom is theirs? Yep. The pink one.

I found this vintage advertisement from Kohler and had to show it to my sons:

Real men embrace the pink!

The pink bathroom is undergoing a few minor updates...a new shabby chic shower curtain, some new bath mats, a few accessories and some new curtains, and I think this bathroom will look adorable! Okay, maybe I won't call it "adorable" in front of my sons. I will call it "contemporary" instead.

The yellow bathroom has undergone a dramatic transformation this month. Stop back tomorrow, and I will show you The Big Reveal!

1 comment:

  1. LOL! Gotta love the guys and their pink bathroom.

    Funny story - my home growing up had a pink kitchen sink............ and yes, pink bathroom fixtures, too. EEK! I'm not sure that my dad (the only man in our household of girls) even noticed.