Sunday, October 13, 2013

31 Days: Exploring

One of the blessings of home relocation is the chance to explore a new city with your family. We feel so blessed to be able to introduce our sons to different cities, different regions, different people, different landscapes.

It's been less than five months since our move here to Pittsburgh, and already we have managed to see a lot. I think one reason for this is the central location of our home. We chose an area that was an easy fifteen minute drive to downtown, where the zoo and the ball parks and the great museums are located. We are also close to a big metropark, a state park, historic sites, and local attractions.

A ball game at beautiful PNC Park to see the Pirates!

A trip to see IKEA!
Fort Pitt!

Hiking in Moraine State Park.

The Pittsburgh Zoo!

 Fallingwater, the home Frank Lloyd Wright designed for the Kaufman Family.

Old Economy Historic Village.

The Grand Concourse in Station Square.

Beautiful strolls along the Riverwalk.

We have seen a lot thus far, and we know that there is so much more to see. The Science Museum, the Carnegie Museum, The Children's Museum, and more. And the more we see, the more we come to love this city.

Exploring is an important part of building memories for our children. It is also important part of making this new town feel like home.

What is one of your favorite cities to explore?

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