Wednesday, October 23, 2013

31 Days: Relocation for Young Adults

Hello! Today, I thought it would be fun to hand the blogging reins over to my oldest son, Luke. Luke, who is 23, graduated from college in May and moved with us here to Pittsburgh. Let's here what he has to say about the experience:

"As a 23 year old guy that has lived in 4 different states, I have quite the perspective on moving from state to state that I'd like to share with all of you. My most recent move......

Occassional follower: Wait, you're a dude and your name's Mary Rose?

Dedicated follower: 23 years old? I thought you had a husband and 3 kids, one of which is also 23?

Random person that's using StumbleUpon: WHERE AM I?!?!?

Oh that's right, I almost forgot! I'm not Mary Rose Kulczak. I'm her oldest son, Luke Kulczak!

Occassional follower: And here I thought you had cruel parents that gave you a girl's name.

Dedicated follower: Thank goodness! I was about to say....

Random person that's using StumbleUpon: Is this where I order a coffee? I want a Venti sized Pumpkin Spice Latte and a.......

Coffee? Venti sized? No, this is a blog, not an actual cafe. You'd have better luck at Starbucks. Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes! My most recent move has been a new and interesting experience for me. This is the first time living in a state in which I am no longer a student. I was born and raised in Michigan for 15 years. Afterward, we lived in Missouri for about 3 years and then moved to Indiana where I finished both high school and all of my classes at Ball State University. Since May 2013, we're now living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

So far, Pittsburgh and it's inhabitants have been good to us! Everyone's enjoying themselves here, and my younger brother John is still able to go to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology down in Terre Haute, Indiana. I'm working at Soergel Orchards while I look for an internship in Construction Management. I've also joined a new bible study. It didn't take long for my family and me to settle into Pittsburgh and make new friends.

Every relocation has been a different experience for me. The first time I moved to a new state, I was going into high school for the first time. I wasn't very nervous, though. I was excited to make a new start and have new friends. The weather in Missouri was different from Michigan, so I had to get used to the heat in the summer time. The move to Indiana was a much needed one, because we visited family in Michigan quite often from Missouri, which was a 9 hour drive every time. When we moved to Indiana, I was 3/4 of the way done with my junior year of high school. Once senior year rolled in, it was easier for me to adjust to a new state. I made a ton of new friends in Indiana, especially when I was in college. Most of my time in Indiana was spent in college rather than at home with my family, due to the distance from college to my parent's house.

Now in my fourth state, I'm enjoying more new experiences in a new place and with new people.

The best way to handle a move to a new state or town is to have a positive perspective. Moving isn't as scary as long as you have something to be excited about. I do miss the friends I don't get to see as often, but I also enjoy meeting new people. It takes a while to adjust to new routes and roads that you've never been on before. That's why I'm driving with my GPS most of the time. It doesn't take long for us to adjust to a new house. We quickly make it a home for us and know how to renovate. It's also great to see new places and try new restaurants. So as long as there's at least one thing to be excited for when moving to a new state or town, the moving process will be less stressful and more enjoyable. I've moved around from state to state since I was 15, so each move has become less of a hassle for me over time.

Instead of worrying and fretting about moving, you should think about all of the good things about moving!"

Thank you, Luke! 
Here's a photo of Luke with his not-so-small group from church. That's Luke, tailgating at a Pittsburgh Pirates game and wearing a Mr. Roger's "It's all good in the 'hood" t-shirt.
Luke has always been a positive guy. I call him my Barnabas because he has the gift of encouragement in a big way.
I'm so proud of him! He's really making the most of this transition. Making new friends, going to weekly bible study, and working whenever and wherever he can.
By the way, Luke is looking for work as an intern in construction management, preferably in the Pittsburgh area. If anyone knows of a construction company that would take a chance on a young, positive guy just out of college, drop me a line!

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