Sunday, October 27, 2013

31 Days: The Unmodeled Kitchen, or How To Embrace The Perfectly Unperfect

 Today I thought I'd show you my unmodeled kitchen. Not remodeled, just unmodeled. Left alone. Unfussed with, untrendy, untouched.

 No fancy countertops or fancy appliances.

 A vintage kitchen that has been nourishing families for nearly fifty years.

Fifty years of dishes washed at this sink.

  Fifty years of dinners cooked at this stove.

A place to make a cup of coffee.

A place to grab a snack.

A place to let the dog out...

...fifty times a day.

A shelf for cookbooks...

...a pantry full of shelves for food...

...and a pantry to hang up cute aprons and not-so-cute school snacks.

A place to light a candle and sit with a good cup of coffee and a good devotional.

Because a kitchen should not just nourish your body. It should nourish your soul, too.

And when a kitchen has functioned this well for fifty years, you learn to live with the unmodel before considering the remodel.

Today, it is perfectly unperfect. A lot like me.

Is it any wonder that I like it as much as I do?


  1. I love your kitchen! What fabulous windows you have too and the storage space!! so envious...

  2. Love your kitchen and your thoughts about it .. . . a well loved home. I have to admit that I am jealous of the wonderful space - but I love my little kitchen: no storage, one small countertop and two drawers - yes, only two and they are only for spoons and such! I've added storage with a small island and hutch (15 bucks at Salvation Army - it's for a bedroom, but works beautifully here). I can see the creek we live on out my kitchen window and the eagle nest - so I feel very lucky to have my little house!