Sunday, February 9, 2014

My PTI Selfie

Okay, I must confess. I hate selfies. Especially if that self taking the selfie is me. I'm not a "taking photos of myself" gal. I'm more of a "taking photos of myself and wondering how that old woman photobombed my shot" kind of gal.

But PTI asked us to take a photo of ourselves holding up our birthday card creations, so here it is.

Not sure who this old woman is, but she keeps appearing in photos of me. ;)

Papertrey Ink is celebrating a birthday this month, and so am I! PTI is seven, and I am...not seven. I may be turning seven, plus or minus forty years, but hey! Who's counting!

Happy Birthday, Papertrey Ink! Thanks for seven years of creativity and inspiration!


  1. Well something just made that card cuter!

  2. I think your selfie looks great! Love your glasses, and of course, the card is cute, too.

  3. You're adorable! And I'd say that even if I weren't your sister...ahem...correction, older sister!
    Love you.