Monday, March 24, 2014

MIM #157: It All Started With A Pillow

Dorothy Teacup Applique Cushion
This weekend, I was on the hunt for new pillows to spruce up the couches for spring.

{Caution! Home furnishings rant ahead!}

Much like the paper crafting industry, the home furnishing industry in the U.S. is totally trend driven. If you see chevron in one place, you will see it in one hundred places. Ikat once? Ikat as far as the eye can see. A little Moroccan medallion? A LOT of Moroccan medallion! The only problem with this is if you are not a fan of chevron, ikat, or Moroccan medallion. Then you are pretty much out of luck for a year or two, until the trend has passed and the industry has moved on to the next big thing.

This seems to be  much more prevalent in the U.S. market than in Europe. I think this is a reflection of our consumer driven society that says "buy this, even if you don't like it, because we will have you replacing it next year anyway!"

I am on a bit of an anglophile craze lately, probably induced by too much Sherlock and too much tea. So when I was lamenting the lack of pretty pillows to my good friend, Beth, she said "Why don't you try the Laura Ashley website?"

To borrow a phrase from my friends across the pond, I was totally gobsmacked! The website was stunning, and I wanted one of everything.

This teacup pillow is calling my name!

So when Papertrey Ink posted the Make It Monday challenge to create your own coverplate, I knew exactly what I wanted to try...a card inspired by that pillow! Here it is:

I made this "coverplate" by running the teacup die through the machine once or twice...or six times.

{Today's Brew: Tea For Two and Tea For Two Additions (PTI), teacup die (PTI), Tiny Tags stamp set and die (PTI), card stock and inks (PTI), baker's twine}

Time for a nice cuppa. Thanks for visiting the cafe today!


  1. Ok, you've found a friend in me. Also a fan of Sherlock (and Miss Marpel), and all things vintage English. No wonder I love your die cut teacups stamped with bright English colors! Been a fan of Laura Ashley for years, and the pillow is

  2. Really lovely eye catching card. Love it.

  3. I love your cheery teacup card (and Sherlock)! The Laura Ashley cushion is nice too - this English girl approves!

  4. Love your tea cup cover plate! My poor dear husband doesn't understand why it can take me a couple of years to buy new bedding, throw pillows, etc. - if I'm not into the trend, I search long & hard for something I like.

  5. Lovely card and lovely pillow too!

  6. I love this card, I love those teacups! I also checked out the Laura Ashley website- oooh, what sweetness on there.

  7. Mary Rose - you're funny LOL! (buy this even if you don't like it! LOL) I'm just getting around to listening to the MIM for this week and saw your card. I recently bought those stamps and the tea cup die so yours popped right out at me. I really love your card. so pretty. I have to crack out those stamps and give it a try. in the meantime i've got some great inspiration. :-)

  8. LOVE your card!! and you pillow : )

  9. This is such a cute card - I love the teacups!

  10. love this! I came here from Splitcoast this is a beautiful card! I'm so glad to have found your Sherlock loving fan club. I can't wait to see what you do to Laura Ashley....there's a pillow with my name on it. Where should they send your commission?