Saturday, March 22, 2014

Out of The Box!

Last week at stamp camp, we made an awesome out-of-the-box card that had us all oohing and aahing! It was the perfect birthday card to give to my sister that weekend. Well, Mom was so amazed by the card that she made me make her a pattern template, and then showed the card to all of her stampy friends.

The big question seemed to be "How long did it take you to make this card? Hours?!"

No, not really. But then again, my SU demo extraordinaire, Cindy, did a lot of the pre-cutting for us. She ROCKS that way!

Here it is:

You've gotta admit, that's darn cute!

The balloons look like they are floating right out of the box, when in truth, they are being supported by thin sheets of acetate.

My favorite part about this project? It still folds up and fits into a standard A2 envelope!

Since making this card last week, I've seen different versions "popping" up all over the place. It seems the possibilities are endless. I'd like to try one again with a flower/flowerpot theme. Or maybe a sunshine/clouds/rainbows/umbrella theme. Or maybe a garden theme. Or maybe...okay, you get the idea.

Thinking out of the box is fun!


  1. Wow and Wow again! That is one fantastic card! I'm not a big one for techniques, but I would maybe attempt this one time!

  2. And I love having it on my shelf! Thank you. xo