Monday, March 3, 2014

This End Up: Adding Color to a White Kitchen

I don't know how things are looking in your corner of the world, but here in Pennsylvania things are still white. White, white, white. Every day, I look out my kitchen window and there it is...snow.

I'm getting a little tired of white.

I have a very white kitchen. White cabinets, white appliances, white countertops, white curtains...white, white, white. Don't get me wrong, I love a white kitchen. It adds so much light to this space. I just needed a little change. And what could be easier than swapping out curtains?

So one day last month, I decided to take down the white curtains and add a little color to this otherwise blank canvas.

I've held on to these curtains from my last house, waiting for the right room to use them in. These curtains are such a great quality and a classic plaid that you'd think I ordered them from a pricey catalog company. Nope! These beauties are from Walmart (part of the Better Homes and Gardens collection). The valance, though, was just a tad too short to cover the window. I decided to add a little decorative ribbon to each end using fusible tape. It worked like a charm!


The long curtain panel worked great at the patio door, too. It brought a little much needed color to my breakfast nook. Before:

And after:

Now I have a warm and cozy spot to sip my coffee and read a book:

Or maybe just flip through a magazine and dream of future kitchen plans:

Time to start pulling out the paint chips!

Winter is a great time to dream, isn't it? For now, I think I'll just have another cup of coffee, pull out my bright red dutch oven, and make some warm soup for dinner.

Warm Blessings!

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  1. I love me some plaid....the window treatments look fabby!