Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Before The Bunnies

Ranunculus and pansies. It seemed like a great pairing at the time. I planted them in low urns that anchor the back terrace. See? Lovely! And it was a good idea...until the rabbits realized that they could reach these flowers quite easily. Like "picking the low hanging fruit" sort of easy.

They look a little bedraggled and sparse today. I'm hoping that a few warmer days may help them bounce back.

For now, I am happy that I caught them looking pretty with my camera, and with my paintbrush as well.

Silly rabbits! It's a good thing they cannot reach the pansies in my window boxes!

I am now researching annuals and perennials that deer and rabbits will not eat. I am keeping a list tucked into my wallet for those trips to the garden centers and nurseries.

Spring is in full bloom in my neighborhood. How about yours?

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