Tuesday, April 15, 2014


When the spring breezes blow, I want to open the windows and let the winds of change sweep through the house.

I start slowly, subtly...

...an infinity scarf that was too bulky to wear. I grabbed a seam ripper and gave this infinity scarf an alpha and omega. Half the bulk, and twice the possibilities.

I've been trying to get by without a planner, and the wall mounted calendar just wasn't cutting it. It's April, for pete's sake! It was time to get organized.

I picked up this monthly/weekly planner from Mead. Seven bucks at Target.

A few of the front pages needed modifying. No problem! I grabbed some papers from October Afternoon to cover. Then I used a SMASH book envelope, cut it in half, and glued to the pages.

A perfect place to store receipts, coupons, or notes. Now I can plan my calendar, do a little organizing, and maybe a little journalling, too.

Which leads me to my next creative pursuit...

...trying to take art back to its truly creative form.  Feeling the need to step away from stamps and patterns and stuff, getting back to the simplest form. My own ideas, pen to paper, maybe watercolor. A little journalling, some prayers and scripture and thoughts. Maybe even a hand painted card. My own designs, my own ideas.

It's a little frightening, which makes me think I am heading in the right direction.

Life, modified.

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  1. Seriously- you and I seem to run with like ideas- even though we live miles away from each other. I asked for and received a little watercolor kit for my birthday last month. What is it they say about great minds? :)